Web Banner Design for Branding and Marketing of TraveleCity’s Kuala Lumpur Rail Transit

Web Banner Design for the branding and niche marketing of Kuala Lumpur Rail Transit is meticulously designed to get a subtly memorable, unique and coherent set of brand identity images, logo and web banners. Essentially the intention is for the strategic branding and marketing of Kuala Lumpur Rail Transit: Kuala Lumpur Rail Transit Guide for Kuala Lumpur’s 4 Rail Networks: RapidKL Light Rail Transit LRT, RapidKL KL Monorail, KTM Komuter, KLIA Express Rail Link ERL, KLIA Express and KLIA Transit

These brand identity web banners and images for Kuala Lumpur Rail Transit website are carefully designed to create a memorable personality, a sharp imagery and message. This site is essentially a resource site on information on converting texts to video.

Web Banners for Branding: Square Format
I adore the classic square format, as the square is the perfect classic shape, the equal dimensions of the width and height in perfect harmony. Just perfect. This series of web banner design for the sq


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