KTM Komuter: The Trendy City Commuter Rail Network Of Modern Kuala Lumpur and The Popular Klang Valley

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The advanced KTM Komuter comprises of 2 major routes with 51 modern stations inside the 218 km regional electric commuter rail network for KL, the massive Klang Valley, state of Selangor as well as Negeri Sembilan.

KTM Batu Caves-Port Klang Route

The favored KTM Batu Caves-Port Klang Route is really one of the two KTM Komuter commuter rail service routes. It was originally referred to as Sentul-Port Klang route. By July 2010, the Sentul-Port Klang route was fully extended to Batu Caves with the launch of 4 cutting edge stations: Batu Kentonmen, rather busy Kampung Batu, suburban Taman Wahyu and trendy Batu Caves.

KTM Komuter Map

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KTM Komuter

KTM Komuter is currently the most lucrative passenger service presented by KTMB, contributing RM84.63 million towards group revenues in 2006, more than KTM Intercity’s revenue of 70.94 million in the very same year. According to the Ministry of Transport 2008 Information, the exact ridership for this KTM Komuter is close to 36.6 million passengers per annum.

KTM Komuter Comprehensive Guide for Kuala Lumpur’s KTM Komuter Network:

KTM Komuter consists of 2 main routes with 51 stations in the 217 km regional electric commuter train network for Kuala Lumpur, the Klang Valley, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan:
• Batu Caves-Port Klang Route
• Rawang-Seremban Route There is a KTM Komuter Rawang-Tanjung Malim Shuttle Service from Rawang to Tanjung Malim, Selangor.



KTM Komuter Fare

KTM Komuter fare and ticket information can certainly be found simply utilizing the two KTM Fare Tables regarding adult and children as shown. You actually can easily also take a look at several notes on obtaining the KTM ticket making use of the automatic Ticket Vending Equipment, which usually are available at pretty much all KTM Komuter stations and also halts.

Rail travellers who are proceeding to the KLIA may well take the KTM Komuter to the prominent Nilai Komuter stop and switch to the airport bus, or perhaps people may very well change over at KL Sentral station to go ahead to the KLIA Ekspres or KLIA Transit rail express trains.

The KTM Komuter contact center can certainly be contacted at 1300 88 5862. Anyone can easily also send email to komuter4u@ktmb.com.my for further information.

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Travellers using typically the KTM Komuter can travel to the city devoid of the inconvenience involving traffic jams. The electric powered train coaches usually are trendy as well as air-conditioned for comfortable commuting. Convenient car parking amenities are supplied via ‘Park & Ride’ area. It is actually provided at a small cost for those that drive and park their car around the commuter stations.

KTM Komuter Timetable

The KTM Komuter timetables are effortlessly available at just about all the KTM Komuter stations. Everyone could also access the authorized KTM Komuter internet site to obtain more facts about every one of the products and services and schedule details.

KTM Komuter, as a localised rail network, has good key interchanges for travellers to transmit to various RapidKL Rail and even RapidKL Bus networks. Now this would make travels in modern Kl, the extensive Klang Valley, state of Selangor as well as Negeri Sembilan really easily accessible.

KTM Komuter train in indoor station with skylight

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KTM Komuter Tickets

KTM Komuter’s train seat tickets should be able to be purchased from the ticketing counters as well as by utilizing the automatic Ticket Vending Equipment, that are available at just about all KTM stations and halts. Anyone can use the popular Touch N Go debit card to use with regard to the KTM Komuter rail as all stops are supplied with Touch N Go systems.

Throughout off peak hours, you can certainly get a KTM Komuter train within 30 minutes. Throughout the peak hours, several high density routes would most likely need to have 15 minutes waiting time only for the train. The locations with 15 minute waiting time for the period of rush hours are rural Sungai Buloh , suburban Bangi, Port Klang and Putra routes only.

The KTM Komuter Interchange using the RapidKL Rail system is provided from Bandar Tasik Selatan station for typically the Light Rail Transit Ampang Line and also over at KL Sentral just for the Light Rail Transit Kelana Jaya Line.

Kuala Lumpur Rail Transit Comprehensive Guide for Kuala Lumpur’s 4 Fast Rail Networks: Integrated RapidKL Light Rail Transit LRT, Slick RapidKL KL Monorail, Electric KTM Komuter, Speedy KLIA Express Rail Link ERL, KLIA Express and Modern KLIA Transit



Klang Valley Integrated Rail Network Map

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KTM Komuter Class 91 ‘Hyundai Rotem’ ETS EMU Set 01. Six-Car Commuter Service

This ETS was plying the Six-Car Commuter (SCC) service between Klang to Putra. Spotted on the 8th of March, 2012.



KTM Komuter KL Sentral station at ticket entry point

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